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Types of figures by. Gok Wan

Gok Wan is a renowned stylist, fashion designer and presenter telewizyjny.Zanim dealt with seriously styling, began his career of hairdressing and make-up. A few years later he created the style of many celebrities and models for fashion shoot in prestigious magazines, including Marie Claire, The Face and Clash Magazine. Most of us know him, of course, from the TV show "How to Look Good Naked (How to look good naked)"!

Below you will find kinds of figures by. Gok Wan

Seductive Pear

If you have a small bust, narrow shoulders and wider hips and buttocks certainly have the figure of a pear on top of the fine, the hips wider. Gok believes that the pear is extremely sensual, but you have to be able to celebrate with her, above all, restoring the body proportions. To do this, use styles expanding arms (np.sztywniejsze styles jackets) and skirts and dresses ending line A or loose pants. Avoid it: loosely falling to hip styles (you optically widen), spanning the buttocks typefaces and excessive exposure of the upper body (eg. Through tiny tops).

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Athletic tomboy

If you have a strong, athletic body with small curved shapes is sure to have a tomboy figure. Ladies with this type of figure often complain about the lack of waist, smaller bust and flat buttocks. Such a boyish figure associated with the rundown for Models .Noś styles emphasizing decorated or puffed shoulders, blouse decorated żabotami, frilly ruffles and flounces - the more the better ornaments, full of ethereal and feminine skirts and dresses, or skirts with thick fabrics, the most complete example ., valance or hem optically clearer will give curves hips. Pants broad, simple - emphasize the long, slender legs, preferably with darts, cuffs and pockets. With such a figure you can afford also to skinny jeans - skinny jeans and jeggingsy (jeggings is something between jeans and leggings - in appearance resemble jeans are very comfortable and flexible as leggings).

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Alluring hourglass

If you have a larger bust, full hips and narrow waists are an hourglass figure. According Goka hourglass is the epitome of a movie star from the fifties so be like Marilyn Monroe! Full and regular shapes are incredibly tempting, therefore attitudes to women's fashions that emphasize full bust, flatten the stomach, and at the same time expose the ideal waist and hips. Wear globed and pleated skirts as well as pencil skirts that emphasize beautifully shaped buttocks and legs (preferably wear them with ankle boots). Short jackets perfectly emphasize your decks. Pants with a higher waist and a wide trouser leg as well as tailored blouse for example. Lace - indented at the waist are perfect for you (if you have a tummy to hide it by choosing blouse with drapery on his tummy). Lubionymi your fasonami should also become blouses and dresses with envelope neckline.

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Tiulowa sukienka z plisowaniami na biuście, 2 kolory

Inverted triangle

If you have broad shoulders, narrow hips and slim legs then you have the figure of an inverted triangle. Being inverted triangle may not sound too sexy, but the kind of figures often have ladies engage in sports and ... model. It is one of the most desirable types of figures. The main objective is to create the illusion of an hourglass shape by discreetly adding volume around the hips to balance the wider upper half.
Avoid dresses with a high neck and lifted jackets and shirts cut off at the waist -optycznie share your figure, making you seem bigger. Wear blouses and dresses with gentle line of cleavage for example. Neckline water, round or envelope to add a feminine curvature in the line of the shoulders. Your figure is perfect for a classic look, such as tailored jackets, slim trousers and dresses with udrapowaniami on the hip line. If you want to look fashionable, but rather try to go in the direction of trends colors, and do not try to wear the latest shapes.

Buxom Apple

If you have a round tummy and bigger breasts is surely have an apple figure. Gok so called female figure, straight and wide from top to bottom. Be sure to invest in a bar - highly wear it under the breasts - split silhouette and make you able to widoczna.Noś waist blouses and dresses with V-neck most of the cut-off cut under the bust. End blouses should be completed on the hips with a wide trouser leg .Spodnie and A-line skirts - full skirt will make an impression narrower waist. Invest in a well-tailored jackets (with apparently outlined deck) - preferably with one or two buttons and a dress with drapowaniami - preferably tied to the side (with envelope neckline).

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